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Elvis Before Noon

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If it were a cocktail, it would be two ounces of classic rock, an ounce of power-pop liquer, a dash of old school country twang and a garnish of humorous nods to contemporary pop culture. It would all be served up in a tall glass stolen from the bar of the legendary Tempe Long Wong’s (RIP). If the historic music venue were still standing, there is no doubt that Elvis Before Noon would be a favorite.


It should come as no surprise because Daylon Greer, the band’s primary vocalist and songwriter has a a true love for the bands that put Phoenix on the map years ago. Tunes by The Refreshments, Roger Clyne and The Peacemakers, and Gin Blossoms are always on the setlist and Greer’s own originals are more than just a little reminiscent of the desert sound that Tempe made famous. All of this is even more authentic with the presence of Scott Johnson on lead guitar. The Gin Blossom dedicates his downtime from the infamous multi-platinum selling band to bending some strings in Elvis Before Noon. Johnson, as the story goes, stumbled upon the talented Greer when he randomly walked into a bar and heard Greer performing a Blossom song. After adding Daylon’s longtime friend “Ringo” on drums, the two continued with what was only half a rhythm section. One day, Mr. P-body--a local DJ who just happened to also have a background of playing in the Tempe live music scene-- came out of the audience with a bass in tow and sat in with the three, originally “just for fun.”


Born at The Vig that fateful Sunday, and named in a Valley Ho Hotel room months later, Elvis Before Noon is truly a “happy accident” that just.. happened. To this day, the spontaneous energy of the band is an ever-lasting quality. The band often remind audiences of just how fun great live music can be. Their setlists are also full of a wide range of favorites as well, ranging from spot on Johnny Cash classics to Motown musings and whimsical Weezer cuts with Greer often serving as a virtual impressionist, doing many voices with amazing accuracy. There's just about a little something for everyone and Elvis Before Noon is best described as a "rockin' good time."


Most recently, Elvis Before Noon has garnered gigs at Hotel Valley Ho, Frasher’s Lounge, Coach House, Mabel’s On Main, W Hotel, O’Donoghue’s Pub, Rose McCaffrey’s, Mercbar, RA Sushi, and a variety of private and special events such as Phoenix Open’s Birds Nest, Pre-Thanksgiving Bash at Montelucia Resort, “Niteflite,” Scottsdale Culinary Festival, AZ Cardinals Big Red Rib Festival and Viva Las Vegas. The band has also recorded a promotional song for a major ad firm representing Valley Metro Light Rail garnering radio and media attention. Additionally, the band has just recorded 10 original Greer penned songs at Uranus Studio which is owned by Gin Blossoms frontman, Robin Wilson. Greer’s songs are so well written, so radio ready, that they are indistinguishable from the crowd pleasing covers. It’s available on iTunes now. The attainable goal is that other bands will one day cover Elvis Before Noon songs.