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Black Bottom Lighters w/Sono Vero & Seconds to Breathe

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  • $5.00
  • Show Type: Rock


8p – Doors
8:45p - Seconds to Breathe
9:30 - Sono Vero

11p – Black Bottom Lighters

Black Bottom Lighters: With over 60 years of combined experience in musical study ranging from reggae, funk, jazz, blues, hip hop, R&B, and house, it is difficult to determine which way the Black Bottom Lighters will go when they get behind their instruments. Three guitarists, a bassist, two vocalists, a percussionist, and a turntablist form one of the most dynamic sounding groups in the Arizona desert. Built on an acoustic foundation, the BBL's sound is as difficult to describe as it is to dislike. From mellow unplugged personal performances to wild stage acts as well as a crowd that's typically on the cusp of out of control, you are sure to have a memory or two when you leave one of their shows. The Black Bottom Lighters began as a four piece group - 3 guitarists and a vocalist - jamming in a backyard in El Mirage, AZ. With minimal rehearsal, they began to invade various acoustic open mics across the Valley. While winning over crowds and gaining love for their music, BBL started to book larger shows. With the addition of a percussionist, bassist, and turntablist BBL maintained their acoustic roots with a dynamic sound. The Black Bottom Lighters are currently in the process of recording their debut album while playing shows every weekend. They have been featured on Phoenix's KWSS 106.7's "Morning Infidelity" and have become a homegrown hit on their radio station. They have also performed live on the airwaves on 103.7 The Eagle in Flagstaff, AZ. The band is constantly practicing, mastering their unique sound. BBL is a focused group ready to take their talents to the next level.
Sono Vero: From the beach to the city, Sono Vero is a product of their California surroundings. This Alternative/Reggae/Hip-Hop group has performed across the country and has shared the stage with some of the most reputable names in the scene. The successful release of their self titled EP climbed to the top 10 itunes reggae albums chart. "Our music is real. I am inspired by life. Whether the song is about falling in love, a one night stand, or getting drunk at the beach it's all coming from real life experiences," says lead singer Charlie Ueda. The boys recently finished recording their new EP entitled "Roses for the Reckless" with legendary producer Lewis Richards released Valentine’s Day 2014.
Seconds to Breathe: Hailing from Tempe, Arizona, Seconds to Breathe combines soaring vocals, powerful guitar textures, and driving rhythms to create music that is sincere, uplifting, powerful, and relevant to both the listeners and the band themselves. Influenced by and for fans of such noted bands as U2, Jimmy Eat World, Foo Fighters, Coldplay, and Jeff Buckley, Seconds to Breathe are definitely an important band to watch as they gear up to release Bringers of Light, a new full length album that promises to connect the band to an entirely new audience in the years to come. Seconds to Breathe consists of lead vocalist Hondo Valdez, guitarist Nate Heater, bassist/vocalist Cory Spotts, guitarist/vocalist Mark Morrell, and drummer Marty Welker. The band was originally founded in 2002 by Heater and Morrell, who were joined by Valdez shortly thereafter. After about two years of writing and lineup changes, the band welcomed bassist Cory Spotts and drummer Marty Welker into the fold, and the newly completed lineup commenced work on Sirens, the group’s debut full-length album. Almost 10 years since the band’s conception, Seconds to Breathe has emerged with Bringers of Light, the long awaited follow-up to the band’s debut full-length. Bringers of Light finds a refreshed, reborn band that have grown as musicians, songwriters, and friends, and the evolution of the band is made evident as the album progresses through the loudest, quietest, prettiest, grittiest, and most meaningful music the band has ever produced. The joys and hardships that life has bestowed upon Valdez, Heater, Spotts, Morrell, and Welker have molded Bringers of Light into the kind of record with something that almost anyone can connect to: a record of celebration, loss, forgiveness, regret, and ultimately, redemption.