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The Space

The Martini Ranch concept was born out of an idea blending the casual, come as you are attitude of a local bar and grill with the state of the art Audio, Video and entertainment systems of big city nightclubs. By successfully incorporating these two distinct atmospheres into one unique concept, we have been able to capture a vast and varied customer base. This combination of themes has been the key to the longevity of Martini Ranch. The original Martini Ranch in Scottsdale AZ was a more intimate localized live music lounge. Martini Ranch has since become synonymous with high quality live entertainment and an upscale lounge atmosphere second to none in Scottsdale. To keep up with the ever-changing club atmosphere, in early 2000 we opened The Shaker Room, an upscale lounge and dance club addition adjacent to Martini Ranch. The success was instantaneous and unparalleled. Situated in the heart of Scottsdaleā€™s tourist destination of 'Old Town', Martini Ranch has stayed on the cutting edge and enjoyed unmatched popularity since its inception in October of 1994.

Martini Ranch is owned and operated by Martini Ranch USA.

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